Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Marlboro Ranch

So, on March 11 I received an E-mail from Marlboro saying I was invited to The Marlboro Ranch in Montana, having specific eligibility requirements. All I had to do was RSVP. I had just got home from work and it was like 2 am. As I sat there having a cocktail, I didn't really believe it. I thought, "this must be spam or something". I went to bed that night and ended up mentioning it to Sean. He was ecstatic and saying how it was legit and that I really did win. So I RSVP'd to Marlboro. A couple weeks later I got an envelope Via Fed Ex. It was from Marlboro and had the Pre Trip documents for me, The Invitee and my Guest, to fill out and have notorized. They do a background check on you and your Guest and if you have any felony's or certain other bad crimes in your past, you will be disqualified. Well we filled out our paperwork and took it to have it notorized and sent it back to Marlboro. Almost a month later, April 19 I reeceived another Fed Ex envelope from Marlboro and it was my congratulation letter saying all my paperwork had been done and I was "Officially" Invited. We are going August 15-18, 2010. We are ecstatic. We have picked our activities and we are doing the Back Country Tour around the ranch, fly fishing and driving the Humvees. I wanted to go to yellowstone national park, hoping it was still an option as it has been in the past. It isn't an option now unless weather doesn't permit us to do our regularly scheduled activities. This is an all expenses paid trip from Marlboro. I apparently was randomly chosen from their mailing list. I get coupons off their website and they do have a lot of promotions regularly. I will receive a check for $750.00 to pay taxes on the trip next tax season. On August 2, 2010 we will receive the airline tickets and check. We should also be getting luggage from them too. After we arrive there, they will have a lot of gifts in our room for us. Cowboy hats, cowboy boots, a digital camera, cigarettes, watches, etc. I have heard it is a trip of a lifetime. I am very excited but am dreading flying out there. I guess it will be worth it though!!


  1. You'll do great on the plane. I love the blog. I'm so proud of ya for making it. Blogging is such a release for me. Usually when my mind is going crazy with a bazillion thoughts, I blog and all my heart and emotions and pain go to the screen and out of my body. Very refreshing.

    I think you did a great job! I cannot wait to read more!

  2. Thanks hun! I did it for that reason, to have a sense of release. I think it will make me feel better.

  3. I will see you at the Ranch!